Celebrating the UK’s best business professionals at the ALF Awards 2023 featuring The BD100

In 2017, The BD100 was launched to shine a light on the exceptional business developers who drive our industry forward, and foster a sense of community to recognise and support each other. The recent ALF Awards featuring The BD100 was a resounding success, an event bringing together 300 business developers, marketers, and industry leaders in an outstanding venue with a flawlessly executed production. Russell Kane, our phenomenal host, ensured a night filled with abundant laughter.

This year, in partnership with ALF Insight, The BD100 provided a remarkable platform for the UK’s top business developers to showcase their talents, and they certainly did not disappoint. Among the notable winners was Dean Rowland, who was crowned Business Developer of the Year. This well-deserved recognition is a testament to Dean’s passion and strategic approach to business development. Congratulations, Dean, on an outstanding achievement!

Charlie Piggott also deserves a special mention for being highly commended in what was the strongest BD100 list to date. The bar has been set remarkably high, reflecting the exceptional talent within the business development community.

Furthermore, this year’s rising star, Myreete Stanforth, impressed the judges with her drive, determination, and impressive results. Her recognition reinforces the notion that success speaks for itself.

The ceremony brought together previous BD100 winners and rising stars, creating an atmosphere of celebration and inspiration. It was heartening to see the likes of Bianca McLeish, Francesca Brook, Helen Lee, and Alex Johnson among the attendees. Special mentions go to Diane Young, who joined after presenting at our first-ever event, as well as previous BD100 keynote speakers Kevin Allen and Michelle Morgan.

The ALF Awards featuring The BD100 would not have been possible without the unwavering support of sponsors. Ali Wallace and the team at DNA Recruit brought tremendous energy and support, while Mark Clark and Camilla Honey at jfdi continue to provide invaluable expertise and advice to our BD100 Rising Star winners. Meanwhile, co-founders Richard McHardy and Jody Osman’s passion and shared vision have played a crucial role in making it all possible.

The BD100 provides well-deserved recognition to business developers, showcasing their immense talent and accomplishments. A long-awaited celebration of their contributions, highlighting the thriving BD community’s ongoing growth and success.

Congratulations and thank you to all the winners and participants of The BD100 and ALF Awards. Your achievements are an inspiration to the entire business development industry. Let us continue to celebrate and support each other as we drive our industry forward.

See The BD100 2023 list here.