Kulea partners with Winning Together, featuring The BD100!

We’re delighted that Kulea.ma is partnering with Winning Together (and they’re even providing us with the tools to help us promote the event).

Kulea started its journey as a SaaS platform, providing marketing automation software to a wide range of businesses.  The tools are great, proven by having won Emerging Tech Vendor of the year in the 2019 B2B Awards and not once fallen out of G2Crowd’s High Performer category. 

However, there’s more to a successful lead generation strategy than just providing great marketing automation tech, and Kulea felt its clients could be doing more with the tools if they had expertise available to them.

In parallel to this realisation, Kulea developed its very own BD stack, plugging multiple third party tools into their own BusinessDevelopment engine in order to generate leads. The natural next step was to start offering these services to its customers. Business Development as a Service (BDaaS) was born!

BDaaS provides a scaleable alternative that allows you to ramp up your investment as your business grows, rather than having to make an upfront investment in an expensive inhouse Martech expert.

It’s been a roller coaster of a ride for Kulea, who had a lot of customers in staffing and recruitment prior to COVID (who switched off almost overnight as recruitment budgets were frozen). However, whilst staffing was on hold, agencies still had a hunger for growth, and Kulea have witnessed investment in business development soaring over this period.

Don’t just take Kulea’s word for it! Hear from their wonderful clients at Propeller Group; “Choosing the right Martech platform is essential for our business development team at Propeller. Where we have no face to face contact with prospects these days, it’s vital that we are connecting with prospects at the right time. We’ve seen great results using Kulea including booking meetings within five minutes of sending an email campaign!”

Andrew Nicholson, successful B2B Marketer of the Year and CEO of Kulea, says “Kulea’s great team and tech, combined with our clients’ passion for sales, is an unstoppable force. We’re proud to be the Official Tech Providers and Sponsors of Winning Together, and we’re particularly looking forward to celebrating the BD100 this year as it gives it an opportunity to salute all the business developers who play an integral part in keeping our industry moving.”

You can hear from Andrew at the Winning Together event on 26th November, where he’ll be sharing the lessons he’s learnt on the road to BDaaS, and discussing the must-have tools for developing agency new business. 

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